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Culture Changers - ‘Re-connecting His family’

by Ginny Cryer

This book is all about family and connectivity. It includes a call for believers to come together through relationships, without hierarchy or pulling rank. It describes a flat relational network with the Holy Spirit leading the way as followers of Jesus do life together. It discusses family life centred around biblical values where Jesus builds His Church in our midst.

Paperback - £8 and Kindle - £4.80

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God’s Word for Every Need - Devotions from the Father’s Heart

by Mark Stibbe


At the start of 2016, Destiny Image USA asked Dr. Mark Stibbe to write a devotional gift book, the first in a series entitled 'God's Word for Every Need',   For the first volume, he chose 'the Father's Heart' and wrote over 250 devotions accessible to all readers, including those who have not yet become followers of Jesus.

This book is a distillation of everything you need to know about the Father's heart, from Genesis to Revelation. It is fundamental for all those who want to belong to the growing Culture Changer's Family. Through it, you will catch a stirring glimpse of the big story of the Bible, seeing how Abba, Father has been reaching out to us since the dawn of time, longing to bring spiritual orphans into His arms of love, relentless in His dream to turn us from slaves and orphans into His royally adopted sons and daughters, which is our new, true identity in Jesus.

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Introductory Videos

The ‘Fathers heart’

by Ian and Marg Rossol

A ‘flat network’

by Hugh Cyer

The tabernacle of David

by Ginny Cryer

David’s Tent at Wistin

by Tiffany Buhler with Hugh & Ginny


by Donna Leppitt

Navigating a new Era

by Jonathan & Pam Bugden

Culture Changers

by Mark Stibbe


The Father heart freedom school

In this Father Heart Freedom School, Mark offers a course designed to help us not only to enjoy a revelation of the Father’s love but also a life of liberty from the sins and hurts in our shadows - a life worthy of our position as royal, adopted sons and daughters of Abba.

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Father’s Tears

by Mark Stibbe

Our Jewish roots

by Ginny Cryer


Dr Garth Gilmor

MP3 Resources

by Dr Garth Gilmor

In these two critical chapters, Romans 11 and Ephesians 2, St Paul considers the relationship of Gentile believers to the Jewish people. They are, he says, beloved of God, and so they should be loved by us too; we should honour them for all they have given us, and we must look ahead with great expectation to their return to Lord God of Israel. We Gentiles have been 'grafted in' to their Olive Tree, we who once were far off have now been 'brought near' so that we can share in their heritage, their faith, and become fellow citizens with them of the Kingdom of God.


God's purposes for Israel and the Church

One New Man

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