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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Culture Changers?

These are some of the questions that people have asked with answers supplied. If you have any more questions please contact us

  • Culture Changers are men, women and children of every tribe and nation who believe that when Jesus died on the cross for them personally, they were not only forgiven their sins and rescued from the dominion of darkness, but were also adopted into His Father’s kingdom and family. They delight to call their heavenly father “Abba”, and know they are His sons and daughters
  • Culture Changers particularly like to express and experience their relationship with their heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and one another as “family”. They can meet up in varied settings to include homes, shops, hostels, businesses, universities, schools and hospitals.
  • Whenever they get together they host Him and everyone shares friendship, fun, food, testimonies, hopes and failures with one another in a loving and non-competitive environment. They simply want to live out the Christian life in a dynamic way – led by the Holy Spirit and supported by empowering fathers and mothers in His family.
  • They know they can only change nations by being changed themselves. They look out for those who are searching for God and are prepared to go, with courage and boldness, to their places of influence. They have a mandate to change their world and know their need to connect with others like them as they do so.
What do I have to do to be a Culture Changer?

Be yourself!

Once you are a follower of Jesus, know that you are a child of God, revel in His love for you and start impacting your world.

How can I connect with other Culture Changers?
  1. You can become part of this family by going to the website and clicking connect.
  2. Keep in touch and share your events and testimonies via the monthly updates.
  3. Contact us to find out who is in your area and then meet up from time to time as family.
  4. Hear about testimonies via the website resource page.
Do Culture Changers have a Statement of Faith?

Yes – we believe in the traditional Christian Creeds but in particular:

  • We believe in the love our heavenly Father has for all His children
  • We believe that Jesus expressed that love for us by His death on the cross, His resurrection and His promise that He will come again.
  • We believe Jesus is building ekklesia and that he is head
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit and his ability to lead and direct His children
  • We believe in the Bible as the written word of God.
  • We believe that the Trinity is a divine community modelling family to us.
Are Culture Changers both inward and outward focussed?

We have been asked whether the Culture Changers family is purely inward focussed – and the answer is definitely “no”! By their very nature culture changers are those who would naturally reach out to their friends whether they are believers or not. They honour those who do not share their faith and wish to help them and support them in their daily lives whether they become followers of Jesus or not. It is by who we are that the world will be changed – servanthood is a key value to us all – serving without an ulterior motive.

If we gather together organically – How does the leadership work?

We believe leadership is entirely biblical – it is its style that is in question. We have a dream for a flat, non-hierarchical organic framework which is governed by love rather than a need to control. We have a group of Partners and Ambassadors to stand alongside and resource those fathers and mothers that are emerging in the growing number of gatherings of Culture Changers

Can I be a member of a local denominational church and be a member of Culture Changers?

Yes – we are all one Church.

If I lead a Church can we partner with Culture Changers?

Yes – part of the vision for Culture Changers is that we connect with each other and encourage one another on our journeys.

Culture Changers have a very high value for unity. Matthew 9:17 “Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” (NIV).

What about money?

Do I have to contribute to be a Culture Changer?

You do not have to contribute financially if you do not wish to. Our hope is that as emerging Culture Changer families grow, they will use their resources – their time, energy and money – primarily for the benefit of serving one another and their local communities. Nevertheless, this ministry costs money and a proportion of your resource would be welcome to enable the wider Culture Changer family to grow.

How can I be sure my money will be responsibly used?

The organisational element of Culture Changers has been set up as a Registered Charity, with Trustees, and a Limited Company, so that accounts are properly kept and monitored and examined annually.

How is the Culture Changers relational network supported financially?

The network is being set up by volunteers giving freely, but as we grow in number, we will need funds for scalability and sustainability. We know that God only pays for what He orders and only orders what He pays for. We believe that if we are reflecting His heart and purposes by doing our part to establish His Family on earth He will inspire others to give.

Your Opportunity To Give

If you resonate with the messages on this website and want to see His Family established on earth as it is in heaven, then please ask God if Culture Changers is something you feel released to sow into. If yes, please make a donation.

Donations can be directed to:

Bank Transfer (UK)

Account Name: Culture Changers

Sort code: 30-99-71

Acc No: 69984260

Using Paypal

Download and complete our Gift Aid form if applicable and send to the registered office.

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