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The Father’s Love

Article by Stibbe on in Thoughts

For a long time now I’ve been speaking and writing about a coming Reformation. This Reformation, I believe, will be marked by a rediscovery of the Father’s love (theology) and a rediscovery of the church as family (ecclesiology). This in turn will radically impact the way we seek to transform our culture (missiology) because our focus will be geared to bringing Abba’s love to the mountains of culture.

With that in mind it is a joy for my wife Cherith and I to be a part of the core team of Culture Changers, a growing, global network of adopted sons and daughters whose hearts are powerfully connected by the revelation of Abba’s love and whose lives are committed to celebrating what it means to be God’s family on the earth.

This is truly a world-changing vision and a history-making moment. Indeed, what we carry in Culture Changers – the virus of the Father’s love – is truly “for such a time as this” and it is utterly contagious in our orphan generation.

In an increasingly fatherless world, lost men and women, boys and girls, are longing to be introduced to the Father revealed by Jesus – a Father who can be experienced through what John Wesley called “the loving Spirit of adoption.”

In an increasingly individualistic world, where families and communities are breaking down, the countless lonely people on our planet are desperate to be set in Father-shaped families of faith – families that look like the meal table of Jesus, inclusive and life-changing.

Culture Changers has a mandate from heaven to bring about the transformation of communities and the reformation of culture. That is a dream worth dreaming. It is above all a family worth joining.