Culture Changes - wanting everyone to have an encounter with our good God


“I want you to reconnect my family. I do not want you to start a movement.”


Jesus had intimacy with his father, calling him 'Abba' meaning 'Daddy' or 'Papa'.   In the same way He tells us to call His Father  “Abba” or “Daddy” too.   Jesus came to earth as God’s son and heir and He went about His Father's business destroying the works of the enemy; revealing the Father and establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.   As His sons and daughters, He calls us to also follow Him in this way too.   This does not infer a "buddy" mentality towards the Godhead - rather with holy fear we may come with confidence to Them with love and deep respect.

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Many are in a season in which they are transitioning to a more organic expression of being His family. We love connecting with other like-minded people and experiencing the reality of that family. We are learning that "everyone gets to play" as we prioritise the presence of God. We enjoy gathering together to be with and listen to Jesus as we share with one another all that He is doing amongst us.


We enjoy a unity in the Spirit with Jesus as our head. We are His brothers and sisters across the earth that love and are accountable to one another because of the trust between us. Our oneness comes from our all having, and knowing, the same heavenly abba. We meet together in one another’s homes as we pursue a kingdom lifestyle. In this way we become an expression of God’s nature in our locality.


We believe leadership is entirely biblical – it is the style that is in question. We have a dream for a flat, non-hierarchical organic framework which is governed by love rather than control. Jesus is our head and just as He had to learn a new way of communicating with the Father when He came to earth, it is foundational for us that we too need to learn to communicate, and be led, in this intimate way too. (Mark 3:14-15).


We see from the Bible that Jesus gives His approval to some sons and daughters to serve His family in a particular way. These pioneers understand that the local gatherings they visit are rightly taking decisions and responsibility for themselves. They bring life and current revelation to a group adding their support and encouragement as appropriate. They bring growth in all its forms. When trouble comes, their desire is to support and understand as they “urge”, “appeal” and “ask”; not dominate or dictate. We see these ambassadors as fathers and mothers, aligned to our vision and values, who are also gifted to love and resource others.

Local Gathering

We also see each gathering as a living organism that grows because of the life of God within it. Over time spiritual parents will emerge from these gatherings that will sensitively facilitate the gathering, knowing that everyone may discern how Jesus wants them to grow step by step. With love and mutual respect for one another, each community takes corporate responsibility for itself whilst being supported by Ambassadors as necessary. In this way each family is protected; a flat network preserved and biblical leadership and unity restored (Ephesians 2:11-12.)

Re connecting….

  • Brothers and sisters
  • Communities and God
  • Prodigals and the Father
  • Male and female
  • Old and young
  • Rich and poor
  • Jew and Gentile – more about this