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About Us

Hugh & Ginny Cryer - Our Story

After 25 years serving as a naval officer, Hugh and his wife Ginny felt called to be part of the emerging Vineyard Movement in the UK. They therefore moved up to London in 1987 with their two children. In 1994 they were sent out to plant the Winchester Vineyard. Although they had always loved the Winvin, by 2004 they felt it looked a good deal better than it was! This made them hungry for God’s answers as to how He wanted His church to look like. They searched the scriptures, made radical changes in their personal lives and their leadership style; embraced the wonderful Father Heart message, and began walking in cultures which brought personal transformation to themselves and others.

In December 2011, they handed over the Winvin to their successors and, in answer to God’s call, moved to the Midlands. Since then they have been on a surprising journey as they left behind their ideals of established churches and were catapulted into the world of Ekklesia. They believe that this journey was led by the Holy Spirit, confirmed by the Word of God and affirmed by their accountability partners. They have negotiated many obstacles and found themselves honouring, yet leaving behind, their previous way of doing church and reveling in a fresh revelation of being His Family instead. They have a vision to see God’s families reconnected throughout the world, unity being founded on sonship and intimacy with our Abba Daddy regardless of churchmanship. In so doing they believe they are being obedient to their call to reconnect His Family rather than start a movement. (See the video ‘The Key’).

Their greatest joy is being with their own children and grandchildren. However, their other interests range from classic cars to learning to play bridge and from painting and tapestry to gardening.

Hugh & Ginny

Jonathan & Pam Bugden

At the beginning of 2016 Jonathan & Pam Bugden ‘stepped up’ to partner with Hugh & Ginny.

Right from the beginning they have guided and supported us and held up our hands and we know they are a great asset to us all in this family as a wonderful mother and father. Jonnie and Pam have great wisdom and insight into the new era we find ourselves in and they have real ability to help those who are navigating unprecedented change and transition both in the natural and in the spiritual. We believe that their transparency, disarming vulnerability alongside their father and mother hearts create a safe atmosphere in which to explore revelation, realignment and revolution.” 
Hugh & Ginny

After over thirty years of both church and business leadership, Jonathan and Pam have, since 2009, been ministering inside and outside of conventional structures and institutions across the UK. They have three children and numerous grandchildren who are their great joy and legacy.

Bugden's and their family

Hugh & Ginny’s Partners & Ambassadors

We’re not trying to dictate how you must live out your trust in Jesus, for in your trust you are standing firm. Rather we are working with you for your own happiness” (2 Corinthians 1:24 CJB)

To support us on our journey, we see from Bible that the God appoints those He equips to come alongside and encourage others in His work. These men and women have a heart to serve with no need for status or control (Acts 20:28; 1 Corinthians 4:15 and 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12). They could be seen as those who know the next step and have the ability to show others how to take it! They understand and appreciate that the main load of any teaching, prayer and pastoral care rests firmly on the shoulders of the gathering and not on them. When they visit they add add strength, restraint and encouragement to the family. (Acts 9:17-19; Acts 18:5; Acts 19:30).

These friends are our Partners. Those with an asterisk (*) are also Ambassadors for Culture Changers.

  • Jonathan and Pam Bugden*
  • Justin and Tiffany Buhler*
  • Mark and Cherith Stibbe*
  • Barry and Eve Galbraith*
  • Alun and Donna Leppitt*
  • Anne Watson
  • Faith Blatchford
  • Ian and Marj Rossol
  • David and Ruth Hadden
Our Ambassadors


  • John Graham
  • Mary Leswell
  • Evelyn Galbraith
  • Hugh Cryer
Culture Changers Trustees


Alison Hatton is Hugh & Ginny's PA.

Alison Hatton

Who are Culture Changers?

Culture Changers are men, women and children of every tribe and nation who believe that when Jesus died on the cross for them personally, they were not only forgiven their sins and rescued from the dominion of darkness, but were also adopted into His Father’s kingdom and family. They delight to call their heavenly father “Abba”, and know they are His sons and daughters. Culture Changers particularly like to express and experience their relationship with their heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and one another as “family”. They can meet up in varied settings including homes, shops, hostels, businesses, universities, schools and hospitals.

Whenever they get together they host Him and everyone shares friendship, fun, food, testimonies, hopes and failures with one another in a loving and non-competitive environment. They simply want to live out the Christian life in a dynamic way – led by the Holy Spirit, the Bible and supported by empowering fathers and mothers in His family. They know they can only change nations by being changed themselves. They look out for those who are searching for God and are prepared to go, with courage and boldness, to their places of influence. They have a mandate to change their world and know their need to connect with others like them as they do so.

We Believe

We believe in the traditional Christian Creeds but in particular:

  • We believe in the love our heavenly Father has for all His children 
  • We believe that Jesus expressed that love for us by His death on the cross, His resurrection and His promise that He will come again.
  • We believe Jesus is building ekklesia and that he is head
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit and his ability to lead and direct His children
  • We believe in the Bible as the written word of God
  • We believe that the Trinity is a divine community modelling family for us.

Family Feedback